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Trekking in Ladakh, Zanskar

Environmental Conscious Tourism

Keeping the fragility of the ecological condition in view we organize tailored made tour programmes to suite the interest of our clients while taking the utmost care of the ecology and environment. We ensure that all our Holiday packages to Indian Himalaya particularly in Ladakh and Zanskar are organized in a sensible and sustainable manner from the view points of environment and socio-cultural heritage.

Being the native of the Himalayas we have taken steps to minimize risks on the beautiful and fragile environment from the hazards of pollution.

While organizing outdoor stays we ensure that the diversified local floras and faunas are least disturbed. It is always our priority that the natural resources like water bodies and mountains get least pollution by way of recycling the scraps and refuses.

Local Community

Our trips are now being organized together with the local community. Trekking and holiday are lead by the native Ladakhi and Zanskari staff. The staff being local and native of this place can provide you services and hospitality from the standpoint of the Ladakhi cultural heritage. As such besides enjoying the scenic beauty of Ladakh you can have a firsthand knowledge and understanding of ladakhi life style. Home stays bring you as close as you can get to the daily life of locals who in return are also benefitted monetarily as well as culturally.

Ladakh Trekking Tours

Ladakh is located amidst the snow-clad invincible mighty mountains. Being situated in the rain shadow western the region is characterized by cold and dry climate, sparse and stunted vegetation and stark seasonal and diurnal temperature fluctuations. The geo-topography of Ladakh with the above set of conditions offer you a unique and exceptional opportunity for Trekking in Ladakh, hiking, camping and adventure holidays. With more than half of the Himalayas lying within its boundary, Ladakh is the right place for adventure holidays. Read More

Trekking in Zanskar

Among all the trekking options in Ladakh, Trekking in Zanskar is most unique and adventurous one. Since zanskar is located crouching between the formidable peaks of Great Himalayan and Zanskar Range, the trekking along the rugged and steep terrain of Zanskar is most thrilling and wholesome. As one penetrates deeper in to the wilderness of mountains the panoramic beauty of the nature goes on unfolding.Read More

Indian Himalaya Trekking Tour Package

Indian Himalaya Trekking Tour Package is an life time experience as it gives the mixture of adventure, pleasure and self- realization. Himalaya Trekking Tour Package is one of the best adventurous sports which enable the trekkers to explore the beauty of the Himalayas. Every year, Himalayas attract thousands of outdoor people, trekkers and nature lovers. From the high peaks of mountains of Himalayas to holy pilgrimages, sacred temples, world heritage sites, lush valleys, beautiful landscapes, rich tradition, stunning peak views and culture of local people, India offers lot of things on the Himalaya Trekking Tour.

We organize training in English and computer skills for our native trekking staff. Good spoken and written English improves their career prospects to become excellent professionals.

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