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Dear Sonam,

We wish to thank you again for your hospitality and this incredible time in Zanskar.

We came back to France with a lot of energy and a lot of marvellous memories of our trek, the time with Tundup, our cook, horseman, all the landscapes, nomads people... and of course very nice memories of the time shared with you.

Here are some pictures of our trek...

We hope that you are in a good shape and that everything is going well for your expedition in Nun.

We are sure that we will come back in Ladhak and meet you and Tundup again.

Thank you again for everything and take care.

With all good wishes,
Frédéric and Violaine


Dear Sonam

We thank you very much fo our beautiful visit in Ladakh. Eversthing was perfect. The whole crew did a very good job!!

We wish to come back to Ladakh soon.

Hansjörg and Christina
Freundliche Grüsse
Hansjörg Goldener


Bonsoir Wim,

Ce petit message pour te remercier encore de ton boulot qui nous a permis si tôt de prendre la décision finale d'aller au sommet.
Le sirdar nous avait dit : "il faut 4 jours de beau temps pour aller au sommet". Nous savions que nous allions avoir 2 jours variables (mais nous en avions déjà eu l'expérience, cela ne devait pas nous effrayer) suivis de 2 jours de beau temps.
Je lui ai dit : "un peu juste pour l'acclimatation......, mais allons-y".
Et voilà : dimanche camp 1, lundi camp2, mardi camp 3, mercredi sommet et retour camp 3, et enfin jeudi, retour au camp de base.
Tout s'est passé si vite, aujourd'hui encore je n'en reviens pas. Seul bémol, Jean-Luc qui est à l'hôpital militaire pour un pied gelé (il a fait très froid le jour du sommet); nous attendons encore la conclusion définitive des médecins.
Excuse-moi si j'ai mis du temps à te recontacter, mais voilà, je devais redescendre un peu sur terre avant.
Il faut que tu me dises ce que le groupe aura à te payer pour les services que tu nous as rendus.
Et on pourrait se revoir au resto avec Guy un de ces jours, non? On en profiterait pour régler tes comptes.
Personne ne m'a encore rappelé pour une réunion générale afin de partager entre autres les photos, mais sois assuré que tu seras convié avec les autres.
Je te rappellerai sans doute au téléphone quand Guy et moi nous nous serons mis d'accord pour le jour de préférence au resto.
Je profite du message de Lambert à un journaliste pour t'envoyer quelques photos de l'expé, mais je suppose que tu as déjà regardé aussi sur le site de CAB Bruxelles-Brabant.

PS : j'ai appris pour Luc, les choses se sont calmées et j'en suis content pour lui



In anticipation of doing a trek in Ladakh that emphasized the mountains, culture, and wildness, I was given Adventure Travel Mark's name by an old mountaineering friend. I contacted Sonam Dawa, and he outlined a agenda for me that was appropriate to the season of the year and to my experience. I've been on numerous Himalayan expeditions, am reasonably fit, and am a long-time mountaineer, but I'm 69-years-old, and I was concerned that the trek would either be too soft or - of greater concern - too hard.

It was just right. Three weeks and many Ladakh miles later, it was an absolutely magnificent experience. Culturally, my guide introduced me to the rich, multi-layered Buddhist culture while I was acclimatizing. And on the diverse trek itself, we saw some exotic wildlife, including blue sheep and Tibetan kiang, but no snow leopards (but I'm sure they saw us!).

With guide, cook, and ponyman (along with one pony and four mules!), they took care of me. My guide, Norbu, is educated and speaks excellent English, and he will be a lifelong friend. I did lose weight, but it wasn't because of lack of excellent, plentiful food. They also had hearty senses of humor. All were all very capable, and, if I had the choice, were I putting together my own expedition, I pick that exact crew again. Also, the driver - before and after the trek - was very competent.

I'm glad I did it. And I'm glad I did it with them. I'd do it again.

Dennis Hanson
Terrebonne, OR USA


Dear Sonam,

We would like to send you this message so that you can show it to prospective clients.

My friend and I engaged the services of your company in August 2006 to take us on a 9 day trek across the wilderness of Ladhak.  We had a wonderful experience combining the freedom of independent travel with the support and facilities provided by your excellent staff.  The camping equipment was of very good quality, the food was excellent, plentiful and varied. We had a guide, a cook and a pony man and we could not have wished for better companions on this trip. Not only did they fulfil all their duites diligently and with good humour, but they took us to interesting places, introduced us to nomadic tribesmen and were always willing to share their culture with us.  Even when things got difficult one stormy night and their tent blew down, they made sure that everything was in place and breakfast served as usual the next morning.  Additionally, at the beginning and end of the trip we were provided with a very skilled driver who made us feel safe on these dangerous roads.

Your fees were reasonable, your organisation and efficiency first class.  I would recommend your company to any prospective clients without hesitation.

Thank you for a wonderful trip, Sorry about the delayed communication but it is unsolicited and sincere,

Best wishes,
Eric Robertson
Norman Anderson, UK


Dear Sonam Dawa,

Just a few words to tell you that everything has been very good since we have left Leh and that we are well arrived in Belgium this night.
Once again, thank you very much for all that so nice organisation you did for our group(s) and that everybody really appreciate.
Now, I'm going to work. We will right more soon.

Best regards,
Claire Neuray


Hi Sonam, Norbu,
Please accept my apologies for not having mailed you earlier. Life has been very hectic since I arrived back home. However, I do want to say a big THANK YOU to you and all the guys involved in the trek and our time in Leh. It was a wonderful experience. I am very, very grateful to you for all of the knowledge & experience that went into it, the planning and organisation, the leadership and especially the friendship. It was a very, very enjoyable few weeks. The entire trip was a constant stimulant to the senses; the trekking, the terrain, the villages, the monasteries, the people we met and so much more. Many, many thanks.
Thanks also to everyone for their support on learning of my Father's death. That will always be very special to me.
I would certainly like to do the Frozen River Trek at some time in the future. However, I think the next destination will be Tibet, probably in 2011. The idea of entering via the 'Freedom Road' from Nepal interests me. So if you have any contacts out there, Sonam, or even better, if you can find us a 'Tibetan Sonam', then 'Maam' Kari and I would be interested.
I have attached a few photographs that might be of interest to you and the guys. Please say 'Hi' to them for me and pass on my thanks for all of their support and friendship. Just looking through the photographs brings back so many good memories.
I hope to see you all again at some time in the future, that your 'Uni' course is going well, Norbu, and that your plans are proceeding as intended, Sonam.
Meanwhile, I hope you and your families have a great Christmas.
Please keep in touch.