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Singalila & Kanchendzonga National Park

Sikkim - Singalila & Kanchendzonga National Park Trekking

Contact UsDay 01: Europe/Delhi

Day 02: Delhi - Bagdogra
Transfer to Darjeeling over night Hotel.
Day 03: Visit interest of the place Darjeeling morning zoological park,
Himalayan mountaineering institute. Tea plants. Tea factory as well. After lunch visit ghoom yoga chilling monasteries, this is was established in 1850 by lama sharep gyatsho Mongolian monk. The famous astrologer of Tibet. This is oldest monastery in Darjeeling and belong to yellow sect. over night Hotel.

Day 04: Darjeeling - Uttarey
Early morning departure from Darjeeling by jeep to the area in weast sikkim. Six exciting hours drive through winding roads across valleys and over hills clad with a variety of vegetation. After crossing some spectacular bridges to the road - head at uttarey, It is about {2, 000 m,} we spend our first night in a  trekking lodge and meet the local peoples who will accompany us on our trek. Over night Guest House and Tent accommodation.

Day 05: Trek  Uttarey to chiwa Bhanjyang - {5/ 6 hours. 3, 100 M}
Morning after the breakfast our way to up and over the highest reaches of the singalila ridge, which from the border between Sikkim and napel. We may meet the occasional yak herder and porters but we are well beyond permanents. The names given to places around here however exotic it may sound to your ear. Are basically  associated with their purpose, such as high pastures, passes and ridge points. We pass through a rich forest cover, swathes of rhododendrons, open ridges, sacred lakes and remote passes. our first day takes us to chiwa bhanjyang, An easy trail rises gentle through until a steep ascent for the last couple of hours bring us to the Nepalese border and our first camp.

Day 06: Trek Chiwa Bhanjyang - Dhor {walking 6/7 hrs 3800 m}
Morning after the break fast gentle u p hill traverse through forest and then over a more exposed hillside brings us to prayer flags adorning our first pass and views of distant mountains a taste of what is to come. As we gradually gain height we will appreciate the previous days acclimatization. The occasional  Yak herder’s hut is the inly sign of habitation as we look down far below to the rice fields and cardamom plantations. Our camp is in a remote and sheltered hollow below the ridge.

Day 07: Trek Dhor to Pare Megu - {walking 6/7 hours camp 3800m}
Morning after the breakfast below dawn, a five minute walk on to the ridge may reveal the spectacular sight of sunrise on both Everest and  Khangchendzonga. Throughout the day we descend and climb, Maintaining a steady height , spiralling from one side of the ridge to the other until a rough steep ascent takes us across a pass. Beyond the trail wends its way steadily through rhododendrons and past several Hindu shrines where a second easier pass drops down to our camp close to a shepherd’s summer settlement. Look out for the blue sheep on the high craggy mountain side.

Day 08 Trek Pare Megu - Lampokhari  {walking 4/5 hours 4300 m }
Morning after breakfast walk easily on a good trail through until we begin a steady rise up a broad valley where we catch our first closer view of the entire Kabru range dominated by mount pandim {6,691}. A further 2 hours of ascent will get us to our camp with Everest and a host of other Khumbu giants dominating the distant skyline. An afternoon of rest and acclimatization for the following days”s foot slogging. Over night camp.

Day 09: Trek Lam Pokhari to Gomathang {walking 6/7 hours 3900m}
Morning after the breakfast Now we are in high mountain country and the forests lie far below. For the past two days we have been walking in Nepal and today we pass the sacred lake fo lam pokhari, which marks our entry back in to sikim. A little snow underfoot can be expected as we climb to our first pass, the Danphe bhir la at 4,530 meters, the pass of the pheasant. From here it is possible to see the whole of sikkim with the view stretching out well into Tibet and Bhutan. A further hour’s contouring and a small ascent revels the KAG BHIR LA {The pass of the crow} where we may be lucky enough to view a panorama of Himalayan peaks including Khangchendzonga. After we then must head down hill making a steep descent to our riverside camp..

Day 10: Trek Gomathang - Tikip Chu  {walking hours 7/8 3850 m}
Morning after the breakfast w leave our lovely meadow camp to climb through forests of sweet smelling silver fir and rhododendrons. Soon we are in high mountain again. Look out for the brightly colored danpe birds {impeyan pheasant}, which nest in the high crags around the kamsey la 4,200 m. As we drop down in to the meadows of kokling, we are already looking up at our next pass of 4,300 m. that we reach with a steady ascent up a steep crag to a skyline dominated by the dizzying pinnacles and icy cliffs of Kanchenjunga. Ones again we end the day’s hike with a steep descent to our campsite by the tikip chu, which has its source high on the Rathong mountains {6,6 79 m}

Day 11: Trek Tikip Chu to Dzongri {walking ¾ hours 4,030 m}
Morning after the breakfast as today our route joins the regular trail up to the Goecha la, A steady climb through ancient fir forest, juniper and rhododendrons gradually opens out to the summer pastures of dzongri. Another high camp, but we should be well acclimatized by now probably in contrast to some of the trekkers we meet who could be on day 3 of their dzongri trek at 4 00 m ,

Day 12: Trek Dzongri -  Thangsing {walking 5/6 hours 3800 m}
Morning after the breakfast down the hill to kokchulang where we are likely to accost other trekkers making us look back in retrospect towards really appreciating the peace and solitude of our last few days. We move easily up the valley passing the busy trekkers campsite of thangsing to our own riverside camp.

Day 13: Trek  Thangsing - Lamuney  {waking ¾ hour  4200m}
Morning after the breakfast walk easily to lamuney up the valley, beautiful view world of higher Himalayan scenery especially on near by MT Pandim, Tashi Khang, overnight camp,

Day 14: Trek Lamuney - Gocha la - Thangsing {walking 6/7hour  3800 m}
Morning after the breakfast walk steep up hill to the crest of the ridge behind the lake and to aim for the goecha la, which lies at almost 4 9 40 m and begin well before sunrise in the clear cool morning air, Around us is an awe- inspiring Himalayan landscape of tumbling glaciers, there after we down to the thangsing where the air feels wonderfully richj at just 3600 m. over night camp

Day 15: Trek Thangsing - Tshoka {walking 4/5 hours 3000 m}
Morning after the breakfast we follow the traditional route back to the main valley. Tshoka is an enchanting little Tibetan settlement perched on a mountain spur. It  will be our first encounter on this trek with permanent village life, and the novelty of having a roof over our heads will add a new dimension to the journey over night local guest house and camp.

Day 16: Trek Tshoka - Yuksam {walking 4/5 hour 2500 m}
Morning after the breakfast down hill almost all the time. We descend through rainforest rich with bird life and flowers. Across spectacular bridges spanning cascading rivers whose sources are high in the mountains we have a so recently left behind.yoksam is charming traditional hill top hotel.

Day 17: Drive Yoksam - to Gangtok 5/6 hrs.

Day 18: Gangtok visit

Day 19: Gangtok - Kalingpong over night Hotel

Day 20 Kalingpong - Bagdogra - fly Delhi over night

Day 21: Morning sightseeing delhi evening transfer to international Airport,,,

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